AVW­-CCC Immunity Test Capacitive Coupling Clamp

The AVW-CCC (AV Widgets Capacitive Coupling Clamp) is designed to approximate the capacitive coupling clamp described in the IEC 61000­-4-­4 standard. The AVW-CCC is a device used to capacitive couple signals on cables attached to the device under test. A common use of the AVW-CCC is to test devices for immunity to aggressor signals such as fast transients specified in IEC61000-­4-­4. Many different immunity tests can be performed with the AVW-CCC.

Designed to the IEC61000-­-4­4 specification, the AVW-CCC measures approximately 1000mm long, 140mm wide and 100mm high. The device is very rugged with solid 9.5mm thick polypropylene insulators running the entire length. High voltage SHV type connectors are available at each end of the clamp and are recessed to provide protection during shipping and storage. Coupling plates and ground planes are constructed of ~2mm thick aluminium.

The AVW-CCC is not calibrated or certified by any certification body, however, it should provide very similar results to costly calibrated/certified equipment at a very low cost. It is a useful pre­compliance tool.

WARNING All metal of the AVW-CCC is directly connected to the input/output SHV connectors. No part of the coupling plates should be touched while tests are in operation. Only those qualified should operate the AVW-CCC.

The AVW-CCC typically ships via USPS Priority. Shipping within USA (contiguous 48) is typically in the range of $20 to $50. Please contact AVWidgets for international shipping.

Price: $400 USD