The AVWidgets AVW-PCAP provides a simple method to capture printer data and import to an electronic copy. The AVW-­PCAP acts as a printer emulator, converting parallel data originally destined for an old printer to your computer's USB port.

Frustrated with our Audio Precision test systems only method of storage to an old parallel port printer, we researched possible solutions. We found a nice software package developed by F&F SoftTools called PrintCapture. PrintCapture works well at converting an incoming serial stream to an electronic copy of your printout. However, there are still a few problems to solve... How to get the parallel data to your computer? There are only a few parallel to serial adapters available and most convert to RS232. Now you will need to purchase a RS232 to serial converter. That is a lot of stuff to get correct between your test equipment and computer.

The AVWidgets AVW­-PCAP performs the parallel to serial conversion in a single step. This results in:

  • Faster communication because the RS232 conversion is not required.
  • Faster setup. Most parallel to RS232 adapters have confusing switch settings to adjust speed, number of bits, stop bits, etc.
  • Single dedicated device.
  • Lower cost. Up to half the price of other solutions.

Although initially developed to work with Audio Precision analyzers, the AVW-PCAP works with many other devices. It has been tested with HP/Agilent Spectrum Analyzers, Advantest Spectrum Analyzers, Lecroy Oscilloscopes and Tektronix Oscilloscopes.

The AVW-­PCAP has simple packaging that allows us to pass the savings along to you. Connection is easy, AVW-PCAP is designed to plug directly into a source device and emulate a printer and send the data to your host computer via standard USB. The USB connection appears as a serial port to Windows. Most test equipment that AVWidgets is familiar with has a female DB25 type connector which will directly connect to the AVW-PCAP (which has a male DB25 type connector). You may want to purchase a short DB25M to DB25F cable to more easily connect the AVW-PCAP.

Setup and use is simple...

  • Purchase and install the F&F SoftTools PrintCapture on your host computer.
  • Connect the AVW-PCAP between your source device and host computer.
  • Install the AVW-PCAP Windows driver.
  • Run PrintCapture.
  • Print to your computer!

Price: $90 USD plus $5 shipping

Stated shipping cost is for delivery within USA. Contact AV Widgets for international shipping.