The AVW-USBISO provides electrical isolation between a host computer and target device. It is compatible with 1.5Mbps (low speed) or 12Mbps (full speed) USB devices and is port powered requiring no external power. The USBISO provides a total galvanic isolation of all USB connections, data, power and ground.

The AVW-USBISO can provide a solution to many problems. USB is convenient and is provided on pretty much every computer. USB data signals and power are directly connected to your computer and at times this can be problematic.

Using a high performance USB connected headphone DAC and hearing noise of your computer? The USBISO may reduce noise by providing isolation between your computer's data and power ground. The 5V provided by the host computer is re-generated to a clean 5V.

Using a USB connected measurement device and worried about ground loop noise or possible damage from measuring too high of a voltage? The USBISO may reduce ground loop noise and save your computer by providing isolation.

Data isolation is provided by an Analog Devices ADUM3160 and power isolation is provided by a transformer based DC to DC converter. These two devices provide a total galvanic isolation between the USB Type A plug and USB Type A socket.


  • Speed: 12Mbps (Full Speed) or 1.5Mbps (Low Speed)
  • Power Output: 200mA maximum
  • Power Input: 250mA maximum
  • Short Circuit Limit: 400mA
  • Voltage Output: 5V +/- 0.2V
  • Voltage Output Noise: 100mV Maximum
  • Over Voltage Protection: 5.6V trip point

AVWidgets is not responsible for possible damage caused to the host computer or target USB device due to operation at different voltage potentials. Use of the USBISO disconnects the target device from the host computer ground.

Price: $40 USD plus $5 Domestic USPS Priority shipping

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