About the Company

AV Widgets consists of a group of experienced engineers that have strong experience in the design of solutions for the audio/video and home automation markets. AV Widgets experience spans:

  • A/V equipment
  • Audio amplifiers
  • Video distribution
  • Automation
  • Speaker design

Many of AV Widget's products are the result of our engineers requiring a tool or solution in process of another project design. The goal of AV Widgets is to share these solutions and provide them at reasonable prices.

An example of an innovative AV Widgets solution is the AVW17. Typically to evaluate a digital audio amplifier a low pass filter is inserted between the amplifier and measurement equipment. These filters are referred to as AES17 filters and can cost $2000 or more. AV Widgets found that a low cost substitute could be realized that delivers most of the features at a much lower cost.

AVWidgets is a division of Alternate Audio LLC.